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Poetry, Feminism/Intersectional Feminism, Social Justice, Racism, Depression, Anxiety, Education, White Privilege, White Fragility


Hello! I am a white lady. Nice to meet you. I do not have shit all figured out. I am no authority. Far from it. The goal of this blog is to respond to people’s questions or concerns about social justice and white privilege, to share my own journey of woking up, and to share my struggles with severe, chronic depression and anxiety in the context of becoming an anti-racist white person. The tagline “Let’s get better” refers both to becoming better, more conscious people, and to my own battle with an illness that continually tries to destroy me.

It is not the job of people of color to educate us, white people. It is our job to educate ourselves. I have seen too many instances of white people asking people of color to explain this shit to them, so this is my attempt at stepping up and using my privilege. I will not speak FOR people of color. I will speak as a white person trying to take a small amount of the burden off of the people who are most affected by the systemic racism and bigotry around us. In other words, ask ME, not your black co-worker, if you have a question about white privilege. Do I have all the answers? Hell no! But let’s work to figure it out together.

I’m ready to have some tough conversations.

Whoever you are. However you identify. If you want to talk about issues of social justice, send me an email and we’ll try to work through some shit.